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Consulting Group for Trade
It is a place where talented consultants from all over the world gather
and can freely interact and develop your business.

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What is the guide system?

Introduction about Consultant Registration


This is where you can freely express your consulting competencies.

Once you registered on this web-site as consultant, you will directly engage in multiple businesses or acquire the possibilities and opportunities.



▶ Pros when registered as consultant


▪ You will receive various business inquiries from people around the world.


▪ You may make a contract with the inquirer in person, under the consultations between.


▪ You can choose to provide your consulting information for free, or not.


▪ You can interact and exchange information between various consultants around the world, and create your world class new business.


▪ Your advertisement would preferentially get its utmost influences by being exposed to other users on our web-site.



▶ Exclusive benefits

▪ For the consultants registered on our web-site, they all shall be applicable to use every content to pay on the web-site for free.

▪ For the consultants registered on our web-site, they can preferentially choose their customers first.

▪ Your consultant information shall be exposed to users on our web-site by business and nation.


▪ Your consultant information shall also be preferentially and sincerely taken care of on every menu being developed and then used in the future.


▶ How to register in

 The registration procedures are the followings:


1) Those who wish to be the consultant on our web-site shall click 'register in' button and input all the necessary information, and then click 'approval request' button.

   Every column and box to input is attached with the guidelines per each.

2) You may operate your business after the approval from the site-administrator is given afterwards.

    If not, we will promptly inform you of the reason. You may request the approval again with the information supplemented later.



▶ Business area


※ It is planned to allow only about 2-3 teams per each business area by country in the future.


① Trade logistics 

General cargo / bulk cargo / moving cargo / Hand Carrier / Domestic transportation / Others


② Trade-relevant area

Clearance, drawback, remission / agency / test, certification / inspection, quarantine / examination / packing / storage / Others


③ Trade agency, consulting

Export & import agency / purchase agency / sales agency / find a buyer / seller / item search / article sourcing / market research / consulting service / Others


④ Insurance, payment, dispute

Insurance / trade contract / finance / payment / exchange rate / legal dispute / damage relief / trade knowledge / Others


It is mostly consisted of trade areas, but the trade is also connected with other various businesses. So, your business shouldn't be always included one of the business areas above-mentioned.



▶ Obligation

▪ Please do your best to response to the inquiries of your customers, sincerely.

▪ You should response to their inquiries as soon as possible.

▪ No consulting of illegal or circumvention is allowed on our web-site.

▪ Your consulting must be matched to the basic policies and business direction on our web-site, which are aimed to facilitate and activate international trade affairs and provide customers with customized consulting.


※ We regularly review your consulting, and if it is not fulfilled the minimum requirements, your consulting may lost its right and be suspended on our web-site.



▶ Charge

Consulting activities are generally for free, but the minimal charges for using our web-site might be imposed in the future. 

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