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Trade cost & Requirement Analysis Solution
We make it easier for you to analyze your trade costs
and requirements accurately.

Search for overseas items and analysis solution
You may search for every item being sold
upon globally known B2B and/or B2C web-sites in here.

Navigation for HS Code and relevant information
We'll gladly and precisely guide you with the trade systems
and policies of 33 countries.

World Trade Statistics
We let you know the world-wide trade statistics of every article to each country.
(6 Digit HS Code standard)

HS Code classification case guideline
You may generally search upon the HS Code classification
and applicable cases of each country.

The clearance check for traveler's belongings
We'll directly check the status of the exempted amount, tariff amount,
clearance and others for the articles you purchased during your overseas travel.

ODF(Overseas Direct import Filter)
We'll instantly analyze the preferential status, procedures, expenses, risk
and others at the moment of your Cross-border Shopping.

Consulting Group for Trade
It is a place where talented consultants from all over the world gather
and can freely interact and develop your business.

Consulting Group for Trade

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