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Show your consulting capabilities to the world.
If you register as consultant, you're provided with various business opportunities.

1.What are good things
if I register as consultant?

  • ▪ You can receive business inquiries from people around the world.
  • ▪ You can directly make a contract with the corresponding party under the consensus with the inquirer.
  • ▪ You can freely choose either of no charged, or charged provision of consulting.
  • ▪ You can create new business at the global level by mutually exchanging with international consultants.
  • ▪ You'll be exposed to the other users for different menus on our web-site, for much better publicity effect.

2.Is there any
special benefits from general members?

  • ▪ For consultants who registered in our web-site, they'll be benefited from using charged contents of our web-site free of charge.
  • ▪ For consultants who registered in our web-site, we'll let you contact with our users preferentially.
  • ▪ We'll expose the consultant by business and nation, when users using our web-site.
  • ▪ We'll consider of you preferentially for every menu to be newly made in the future.

3.How are the
registration procedures?

  • ① For those who wish to apply as consultant, please click 'register' button and fill out the boxes, and then request for the authorization. Each box is attached with instruction.
  • ② In case that you're then authorized from the web-site admin, you may act instantly. If not, the reason shall be sent to you, and your re-application with supplement is welcome.

4.Is there any
precaution to follow?

  • ▪ You should reply to the inquiry as best you can with your sincerity.
  • ▪ You should reply as quickly as possible.
  • ▪ Illegal and/or evasional consulting is not allowed.
  • ▪ It must be complied with the basic policies and direction of our web-site, the provision of vitalizing international trades and customized consulting.
  • ▪ In case of the failure to fulfill the minimum standard from regular evaluation, your right as consultant might be disqualified to suspend from the web-site.

5.How much
does it cost?

  • Acting as consultant is free of charge, but the minimum expense to use the web-site might be imposed.

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